Brand Laser distance meter

The high demand for laser distances has made a lot of companies producing these tools, so it is not surprising that today many laser distance meter products are on the market with various brands and types. For instance, you can check out some of them on

Some brands or brands of laser distances, then, will be discussed further in the following:

– Fluke

Fluke is a brand that has been known in the industrial world, even known almost throughout the world, this brand is known for the products it releases a product that has a quality that has been tested. So the fluke product is a product that is often sought by consumers. Fluke itself produces many products from various category lines, and laser distance meter or distance meter laser is one of the products produced by fluke. Fluke 424D is one example of laser distance meter products produced by it.

– Bosch

Bosch is a brand that is also familiar to the industry, because Bosch is one manufacturer that has products from various categories for industrial purposes and also known for the quality of its products, and of course one of its product categories is a laser distance meter. Bosch DLE40 and Bosch DLE70 are some of the products of laser range gauges released by Bosch.

– Krisbow

Krisbow is a brand that is known to have a variety of products from various categories of products, which is already known by many industrial activists. This laser distance meter is one of the categories of products they have. Krisbow KW 06-671 is one example of laser distance meter products owned by Krisbow.

– 2LS Tools

2LS Tools is a brand that produces products with innovation and has a good quality and also with a fairly affordable price. VEGA 2LS is an example of a laser distance meter product produced by it.