Danger of Too Much Testosterone Hormone

In the body, there are two important hormones, estrogen and testosterone, which works to increase immune, energy, libido, and most importantly human reproduction. Both of these hormones require a balance of the number of each other in order to get a good function and bodywork. But what if one hormone is too much? And what if it’s a testosterone?

The excess effect of testosterone on the body actually depends on age and sex. In both men and women, an excess of the hormone testosterone can cause puberty before adulthood and result in infertility. Not only that below is the effect of excess testosterone that can arise:

– Hair loss

One of the things that can happen if the excess hormone testosterone in men and women is the presence of symptoms of hair loss or even baldness.

– Fruit puckered

Simply put, when the brain stimulates excess testosterone in the body, the brain will assume it all starts from the testosterone production site, which is the testicle. Furthermore, the brain will close the production of LH (Luteinizing Hormone), which is useful to tell the testes to produce testosterone. Therefore, the testicles will change in size by shrinking themselves.

So, you should pay attention to the levels of testosterone in your body. If you lack the hormone, you can visit http://musclesupplementtrials.com/six-ways-enhance-levels-testosterone-excercise/ and do some exercise.